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Fees and Practicalities

Getting started with Psychotherapy and Counselling

It starts with your first contact. Feel free to call me or use the Contact Form on the Contact Page. I try to respond to enquiries as quickly as possible. Please check your spam folder if you email me and don’t hear back within 24 hours. 

The first time we meet will be for a simple chat and to develop a sense of what it will be like for us to work together. There is no right or wrong way for you to approach this, or indeed how you approach any future conversation between us, so please don’t feel you need to ‘come prepared’ or to present yourself in a particular way.

Deciding to begin a process of psychotherapy is a significant first step. Having made that decision, finding the right therapist for you is almost as important. It can sometimes be useful to meet in a preliminary way for a second time to explore any further questions you might have. Similarly, if I feel for whatever reason that I am not the right therapist for you, I will advise you of this.

My Fees

  • The initial consultation is £20 without obligation.
  • My session fee is £65 per hour.
  • The therapeutic hour is 50 minutes.
  • Sessions are for a minimum of once a week.
  • I work with patients for up to three times a week.

Cancellation Policy

  • Where possible, with enough notice, I will always try to accommodate with an alternative time or day, although this can’t be guaranteed.
  • Where this is not possible, all cancellations, including for illness,  are charged except in exceptional circumstances. 
  • Meanwhile you are free to leave at any time.
  • Abandonment issues | anger | anxiety | attaining goals | bereavement | Borderline Personality Disorder (PBD) | controlling behaviours | depression | difficulties with forming relationships | dissociation | domestic abuse | family problems | guilt | identity development | issues relating to sexuality | loneliness | low self-esteem | obsessional thinking | psychological abuse | Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) | relationship difficulties | sexual abuse | shame | social anxiety | stress at work | suicidal ideation | trauma from mental and emotional cruelty.

Giovanni del Vecchio, London Psycotherapy based near Chancery Lane & Southwark

Giovanni del Vecchio

London Psychotherapy

BA (Hons), MA
Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist
Psychotherapy in Fitzrovia W1 near Oxford Circus and Nelson Square SE1 near Southwark tube station.

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Comments from former patients

  • Immensely helpful

    “It has been immensely helpful to have a safe space where I could talk freely. Giovanni has always had an exquisite ability to keep track of all aspects of my life, words and thoughts, as well as an amazing skill to see through events and feelings, cut through confusion and accompany me while I was realising many things about myself and my life, determining my improvement.”

  • Helped me to understand more about myself

    “I am grateful for the support,  understanding, advice, analyses you have brought me over the months we have been seeing each other. This helped me to start understanding more about myself and it was very helpful to have someone to share with, be truthful with, and get support and understanding from. I hope we can work together in the future”.

  • Thank you so much

    “Thank you so much for being such a great therapist that I respect…

     I know what this has meant to me."